5 Winter Skin Care Tricks

Even though Southern California may not get as cold as other regions, we do experience dry skin in the winter months. Here are the most valuable tips and tricks on how to get dewy, hydrated skin during the holiday season.

*Pro tip, these tricks are also great for oily skin types to supplement hydration so the skin doesn’t over-produce oil.

1. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen.

Not protecting our skin from the sun regularly is the best way to dry out and damage our skin. A majority of those with sensitive skin can significantly decrease sensitivity by regularly wearing SPF. A minimum of SPF 30 should be worn AND reapplied every two hours.

Skin Medica Essential Defense is a great light weight sunscreen for those who struggle with the thickness or texture of sunscreen. Skin Medica Total Defense and Repair has infrared protection, which is difficult to find in sunscreens but valuable for those prone to hyperpigmentation. These can be found on our online store. ZO’s Sunscreen + Powder Broad Spectrum makes sunscreen easy to reapply throughout the day and can be found at both Cerritos and Costa Mesa locations.

2. Humectants VS Emollients

Understanding the difference between humectants and emollients can optimize our skincare. Humectants are hydrators that bind water to the skin while emollients locks in the hydration and prevents water loss. Our favorite humectant product is HA5, the most advanced hyaluronic acid product, and our favorite emollients are Skin Medica Ceramide and ZO Growth Factor Serum.

3. Face Mask During Hot Showers

It is well known that hot showers can lead to excessively dry skin. To combat this, after our face is washed, wearing a hydrating face mask can counteract the drying effects. A plastic face mask with ear loops can help hold the mask in place. This is an opportune time to take advantage of masking time while our skin would typically become dried from hot water.

4. Moisturize Immediately Post Shower

When we get out of the shower, we are susceptible to TEWL, or transepidermal water loss, when our skin is wet. Promptly drying off and immediately following with a body and face moisturizer will combat these effects. Pro tip, have your favorite moisturizing products ready for right when you get out of the shower.

5. Slugging/Moisture Sandwich

Skin care gurus know that this once outdated, affordable product is now used to super charge our skin. Slugging refers to covering our face with petrolatum or vaseline. A very thin layer gives us a beautiful glow, and many celebrities now use it heavily over night to wake up with glowing skin or during the day as a highlighter! To get on trend with the new technique of the moisture sandwich, start by dampening your skin with water, or with a hydrating toner. Follow with a humectant or hydrating product like HA5, and lock it in with an emollient like a rich moisturizer or vaseline!

Try these tips out and see how glowy your skin can get.

We also recommend scheduling a free skin consultation to develop your individualized treatment and skin care regimen. Call or text us at (855)635-0011 to schedule at either our Cerritos or Costa Mesa location.

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