Botox vs. Dysport: What’s the difference?!

One of the most frequently asked questions is "what is the difference between Botox and Dysport?" For starters, Dysport and Botox are both types of botulinum toxin injections. Both are known to treat and prevent wrinkles. As far as safety, both are equally safe and convenient. You can leave immediately after treatment and even go back [...]

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Do Lipo B Injections Result in Weight Loss?

Ever wished there was a pill or injection that would help you lose weight? In addition to diet and exercise, Lipo B Injections can do just that. Lipo B is made with Vitamin B12 + Lipotropic amino acids: Choline, Methionine, and Inositol. Lipotropic substances diminish stored fats and accelerate the expulsion of fat inside [...]

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Top 5 Things to Know About PDO Thread Treatments

Polydioxanone thread (PDO thread) treatments have gotten a bad rap over the years due to unsafe, and faulty techniques of the past. These days, however, PDO treatments have dramatically changed for the better. Patients are now able to safely and effectively treat a variety of cosmetic concerns without invasive surgery or long recovery times. Let’s [...]

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Can An Injectable Lift & Enhance My Backside?

More and more patients are on the hunt for non-surgical treatment options for their cosmetic concerns. Body contouring procedures can achieve fuller, shapelier-looking results with minimal-invasion, limited downtime, and zero scarring. Sculptra injections have made boosting your behind easier than ever. Sculptra treatments are ideal for men and women seeking to improve the appearance of [...]

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How Long Is Recovery From A Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a powerful procedure that can peel away years of damaged skin, leaving you with a beautiful, more youthful-looking complexion. But with a chemical peel can come a recovery period. There are several types of chemical peels, ranging from light to medium peels for patients safety. Since chemical peels are stronger than [...]

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Belle Vie’s Top Skin Care Picks: Make Your Skin Sparkle & Shine This Holiday Season!

Looking to enhance your skin care routine in 2018 or need an extra boost this holiday season? Janell Ocampo, Nurse Practitioner at Belle Vie, has a few products she swears by! Janell has an extensive background in chemical peels, laser, and injectables. She is well known by many colleagues in the industry and is highly [...]

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Why is VelaShape Such a Popular Procedure?

VelaShape is a non-invasive body contouring and cellulite reduction procedure. In about three treatment sessions, VelaShape enables you to safely achieve a toned, contoured and well-shaped body. VelaShape combined infrared light, radio frequency energy, and a vacuum to heat the fat cells and stimulate the growth of new cells and elastin. This results in a [...]

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Am I a good candidate for UltraShape Non-Surgical Fat Reduction?

UltraShape is an FDA-approved, non-surgical procedure that uses ultrasonic energy to reduce unwanted fat and contour the body. By reducing fat cells in the body, UltraShape can reduce abdominal layer fat up to 32 percent, while results vary for each patient. The body has two types of fat cells – visceral and subcutaneous fat. Visceral [...]

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Is the New NovaThread Procedure Right For Me?

NovaThread uses absorbable sutures to tighten the skin and lift areas of the face and neck suffering from volume loss. If you have laxity in the lower face or eyebrows, NovaThread is a great, long-lasting procedure. Sagging skin on the body, deep nasolabial folds, sagging jowls, and loss of volume around the cheeks can be [...]

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What Is The Difference Between An IPL Photo Facial And A Sublative Skin Resurfacing?

Lights, lasers, peels, and dermabrasion are popular procedures used to improve skin irregularities, smooth out wrinkles, erase sun damage, and refresh the face. Two popular resurfacing procedures are IPL Photo Facial and Sublative Skin Resurfacing. They each approach skin resurfacing a bit differently and there are pros and cons to both. Sublative Skin Resurfacing Instead [...]

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What Are My Options for Non-Invasive Body Contouring?

Historically, most body contouring procedures such as: a tummy tuck, lower body lift, or arm lift, involved surgery with downtime and scarring. However, new technologies have emerged that allow you to lose fat and shed inches, without surgery. Many men and women struggle to tone and contour their body with diet and exercise alone, and [...]

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What Are My Treatment Options to Improve Hollows Under The Eyes?

We all experience bags and hollows under the eyes when we don’t get a good night’s sleep. But what happens when these bags and hollows don’t go away? Do you feel like you look tired all of the time, even when you’re not? Our eyes are one of the first places of our face to [...]

The Latest in Microneedling: The AQUAGOLD Fine Touch

The AQUAGOLD Fine Touch is a microneedling device containing tiny needles that deliver fillers, serums, and other solutions, such as Hyaluronic acid, dermal fillers, and more, to rejuvenate the skin, promote cell stimulation, and erase fine lines, wrinkles, and other irregularities. AQUAGOLD Fine Touch is a step up from traditional microneedling procedures, dermal fillers or [...]

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What is Kim Kardashian’s Secret To Beautiful Skin?

You don’t need to follow celebrity gossip to know that Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous purveyors of innovative cosmetic treatments in the world.  In fact, just three years ago, Kim Kardashian underwent a brand-new treatment called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy. Whether you’re an avid Kardashian fan or just interested in effective [...]

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How Does Kybella Work to Reduce Fat?

Eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise is key to reducing the appearance of fat around the facial region; however, even the best diets may not minimize a double chin.  A combination of lifestyle, genetics, and the aging process are all contributing factors to developing a double chin that just won’t respond to healthy [...]

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What Age Should You Start Taking Care of Your Skin?

Let’s face it – everyone wants the kind of skin that could grace a magazine cover.  But when exactly should you start your pursuit of that amazing skin?  And how soon should you start investing in an anti-aging regimen? While there’s no magical age for starting a skincare regimen, the truth is that many of [...]

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The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

If you think that all laser hair removal treatments are equal, think again. Many clients come into their laser hair removal consultations with the mistaken belief that all lasers are alike.  However, nothing could be further from the truth – the type of laser you select for your treatment can have a drastic impact on [...]

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What Sets UltraShape Apart From CoolSculpting?

Ready for a Summer season of beaches, barbeques, and backyard shindigs?  If you’re excited about the prospect of warmer weather, but dreading showing off those trouble spots, it might be time to schedule an UltraShape Power consultation at Belle Vie Wellness & Medical Aesthetics in Cerritos, CA!   For some people, whittling down the waistline [...]

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Why Does Belle Vie Love Skin Medica HA5?

Here at Belle Vie Wellness & Medical Aesthetics in Cerritos, CA, we all get asked about our favorite skin care products. While there are a ton of great products available on the market today, there is one in particular that Janell Ocampo, NP really loves…  Skin Medica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator! “It’s my favorite product because [...]

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How Long Do Results Last From Juvederm Vollure Injections?

Exciting news - there’s now a new dermal filler that can correct the appearance of moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles! Juvederm Vollure - another exciting release from pharmaceutical company Allergan - is the newest hyaluronic acid filler that promises to smooth away aging wrinkles and folds. In clinical trials, Juvederm Vollure was shown to be most effective [...]

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How Do I Get Tattoo Freckles Removed?

Have you heard about the latest beauty trend? It’s called “tattoo freckling” - and it has been a surprising hit with both women and men looking to add a splash of natural-looking freckles across their noses and cheeks. While many patients love the outcome of this semi-permanent procedure, some are left wishing they had stayed [...]

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Is There a Non-Surgical Solution for Removing Toenail Fungus?

Nobody wants to talk about it, but toenail fungus can be an irritating – even debilitating – condition that can curtail your confidence. In best-case scenarios, toenail fungus can make it embarrassing to go barefoot in the company of others. In rare, worst-case scenarios, untreated fungus can warp the toenail to the point where it [...]

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How Do I Get Rid of Brown Spots on My Skin?

If you’re on a quest for younger, healthier-looking skin, then you might be frustrated by those brown spots that are starting to dot your complexion. Whether you refer to them as age spots or freckles, these brown spots can seriously age your face – especially when you want a complexion that’s Beyoncé-level flawless. Before you [...]

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What is the Main Difference Between Botox and Fillers?

By now, you probably know that Botox and dermal fillers are some of the most popular anti-aging solutions available at medical spas. Each treatment is designed to minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines.  Both types of injections are quick, convenient, and can deliver timely results. So when it comes down to it, [...]

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Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

It may be winter everywhere else – but here in Cerritos CA, it’s swimsuit weather most of the year-round. That could either mean having a daily date with your razor, or opting for a more convenient and effective method…laser hair removal! Whether you’re in pursuit of smooth, hairless legs or want to remove hair from your [...]

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Lip Augmentation: What’s the Difference Between Juvederm and Juvederm Volbella?

If you’ve ever spent time scrolling through Instagram or browsing through Pinterest, you know that fuller, younger-looking lips are the most en vogue beauty trend right now. From Kylie Jenner’s lip color line to Angelina Jolie’s classic pout, more women than ever are wondering how to get fuller lips without risking the dreaded “trout pout” [...]

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How Does PRP Work?

If we told you that blood was the secret to younger-looking skin, would you be surprised? Don’t be – because PRP therapy (or platelet-rich plasma) is the hottest cosmetic treatment to hit medical spas and plastic surgery practices since 2013, when Kim Kardashian filmed her Vampire Facelift procedure for her reality TV show. This unique [...]

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What Vaginal Issues Can Be Addressed With the CO2RE Intima Laser Treatment?

Vaginal issues are not a topic of conversation that many women like to bring up with one another. But as we grow older, we may find ourselves troubled with both cosmetic and medical vaginal concerns. From laxity to itching and recurrent infections, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re taking control of your [...]

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Discover Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening!

When it comes to feeling confident about appearance, many women tend to focus on how their bodies and faces look. But if you’re concerned about vaginal laxity, aging, recurrent infections, and other feminine issues, you might also feel a little self-conscious. After all, it’s tough to go out there and do your best when you’re [...]

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