How Does Kybella Work to Reduce Fat?

Eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise is key to reducing the appearance of fat around the facial region; however, even the best diets may not minimize a double chin.  A combination of lifestyle, genetics, and the aging process are all contributing factors to developing a double chin that just won’t respond to healthy habits.

That’s Where Kybella Comes Into Play!


Kybella is an innovative injection that’s FDA-approved to reduce submental fat located underneath the chin.  Kybella contains deoxycholic acid, an acidic yet natural compound that eats away at fat cells in the injection site.  Once fat cells are destroyed, they’re left behind to be removed by the body’s waste processes.  Kybella doesn’t destroy surrounding healthy tissue, which helps minimize the amount of downtime associated with the treatment.

Kybella is quickly becoming an incredible popular non-invasive treatment.  Recently, Khloe Kardashian discussed her Kybella injections as a way to reduce the size of her submental fat!

Many Aesthetic practices are finding new and innovative uses for Kybella, including Belle Vie. Kybella can be used to treat fat in other areas of the body, such as: bra bulge, knees, armpits, butt, & more! 

Most patients will need 3-5 Kybella Injections to experience results. Patients with excessive fat may need to combine their injections with skin-tightening procedures to reveal their new contoured appearance.

Kybella is a permanent solution for fat reduction; however, it doesn’t prevent the formation of new fat cells.  Therefore, the best candidates are those who already follow healthy habits so they won’t see a resurgence in their double chin, or other stubborn fatty pockets.

Want to learn more about Kybella injections – including how it can help you reduce the appearance of your double chin or other fat cells around your body?  To learn more about this innovative fat reduction treatment, schedule your Kybella consultation at Belle Vie, in Cerritos, by calling (562) 865-0802 today.

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