The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

If you think that all laser hair removal treatments are equal, think again.

Many clients come into their laser hair removal consultations with the mistaken belief that all lasers are alike.  However, nothing could be further from the truth – the type of laser you select for your treatment can have a drastic impact on timing, results, and even the level of discomfort you may experience during your procedure.

Laser Hair Removal Cerittos

Let’s take a closer look at the real truth behind laser hair removal:

  • The type of laser matters: Suboptimal lasers are less effective than gold standard lasers. That means you’ll spend more time in treatment, plus your results may not be as great.  Additionally, suboptimal lasers could cause more pain during treatment, which is definitely something you should strive to avoid!
  • Your skin type matters: Some lasers are unable to effectively target hair follicles based on your skin’s color. That’s why it’s important to get laser hair removal from a provider that offers a wide selection of laser hair removal choices.
  • Your hair follicle matters: Darker hair follicles are removed more successfully than lighter hair follicles. Again, the type of laser hair removal system you select will have a significant impact on your final results.

At Belle Vie, our laser hair removal experts know exactly what type of laser you need to see the best results.  Our laser hair removal system uses specialty wavelengths to direct the above concerns; for example, we have a wavelength for very light skin, as well as a wavelength for darker skin.  Additionally, our laser hair removal system is surprisingly comfortable and lightning fast – it can treat your entire body in just an hour!

Want to discover this laser hair removal system for yourself? Schedule your consultation at Belle Vie, in Cerritos CA, by calling (562) 865-0802 today!

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