Is A Non-Surgical Facelift Possible

Many patients are looking for a way to mimic the results of a facelift without the downtime, invasive surgery, and cost. A facelift is a great way to enhance the youthful features of the face but can be too involved for some patients who may not be ready for surgery. At Belle Vie, we offer several non-surgical procedures that can have the same effect as a facelift.

IPL Photofacial

An IPL photofacial utilizes intense pulses of light (IPL) to penetrate deep into the skin. IPL triggers collagen and blood vessels below the epidermis to constrict, reducing hyperpigmentation, brown spots, redness and has an effect on age lines. Most benefits of a photofacial occur gradually and can be seen in the weeks following treatment.

Sublime Skin Firming

Sublime uses bi-polar radio frequency and light energies to precisely heat the dermal tissue within the targeted treatment area. This treatment stimulates collagen production, produces a firming effect on lax skin, reduces fine wrinkles, and improves skin texture by smoothing and toning.

Sublative Skin Resurfacing

Sublative skin resurfacing directs frequency energy to tiny matrix spots. The healthy skin around the spots accelerates the healing process of the skin. Post-treatment, increased levels of beneficial collagen and new healthy skin cells are produced. The texture of your skin becomes smoother and more elastic. You can also expect to see a decrease in scarring, smaller pores, and improvement of skin texture irregularities.

Often, combining two or more procedures can produce amazing results. These procedures can also be combined with dermal fillers and injections for youthful and beautiful results. If you’d like to learn more about non-surgical facelifts or schedule your consultation, please fill out the form on this page or call us directly at 562.865.0802.

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